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Cruising in Myanmar

One of the Best Things to Do in Myanmar
Cruising in Myanmar is one of the best things to do in Myanmar, offering a truly authentic and luxurious travel experience. Cruising in Myanmar is the best way to explore one of the world’s least discovered destinations, Myanmar, which has been left untouched by travellers for several decades. During your Myanmar tour, you can feel the hospitality and charm of locals, taste the colonial legacy combined with predominantly Buddhist culture and see dramatic landscapes in Myanmar. Ayeyarwaddy and Chindwin rivers are the two most popular for cruising in Myanmar. These two major rivers have been Myanmar’s lifeblood and are an integral part of Myanmar spiritual life. You can expect impressive temples, magnificent scenery and interactions with locals and even tribespeople.

Why Choose Cruising in Myanmar?

Being one of the most popular activities to do in Myanmar, cruising will offer extraordinary travel experience in Myanmar. Cruising on rivers in Myanmar gives you an opportunity to explore the mysterious Myanmar including journeys to world heritage-listed places, understanding of local traditions and cultures, and visits to secret treasures known by only the locals.

Another unique experiences on board you can get is local entertainment during your evening on-board. You can immerse yourself in local culture. Some performances include story-telling about their myths and legends through Myanmar traditional dances.

Moreover, a perfect mix of cruising and sightseeing gives you a vast array of experience. Multiple tourist destinations in Myanmar can be visited along its way without the need to change rooms, and pack and unpack your luggage very often. There are many top tourist attractions to see and things to do during your Myanmar tour such as Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon, Bhamo and hot air ballooning.

Not all the cruise liners in Myanmar are luxury and expensive. Deluxe and luxury options are available for you to choose based on your needs and budget. Both the deluxe and luxury cruise liners will bring you to breathtakingly beautiful places along the mystical rivers of Myanmar.

For all these reasons, cruising in Myanmar is clearly one of the best things to do in Myanmar. You should not miss it out in your planning for Myanmar tour.

Ayeyarwaddy Expedition

Ayeyarwaddy, also known as Irrawaddy, is Myanmar’s largest river, running the country from the north to the south. It originates from the confluence of the Maikha and Malikha rivers and discharges into the Andaman sea through a huge 10,000-square-mile Delta. The most relaxing and inspiring way to discover the miracle of Ayeyarwaddy is cruising.

Cruising through the Ayeyarwaddy river, travellers can experience its rhythm, find out its history and see local lifestyle along the river banks. The expedition on the Ayeyarwaddy river lets you have an unforgettable experience during your Myanmar tour. The river offers you a chance to see one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Myanmar on-board in the modernized, luxury and cozy cruises.

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Chindwin Expedition

Travelling through the less explored beautiful Chindwin River is also another amazing thing to do in Myanmar. The Chindwin River runs down from the border area between Myanmar and Assam, India, and originates from the Himalayan foothills. It is the main tributary of the Ayeyarwady and is 1,207km long. Out of this great length, about 1,000km is traversable only in vessels that have the shallowest drafts in the world. The Chindwin runs through isolated regions with limited ground transportation and the river connects most communities. If you like off-the-beaten-track journey, cruising in Chindwin could be of your interest.

Above Homalin situates Nagaland in which the so-called Nagas specialized in shrinking the heads of their human quarry until the arrival of Christianity in the 19th Century. This is the most charming of rivers because the cruising journey goes by indigenous villages where you can learn about their unique culture, traditions and customs. Which places are visited on its way are Monywa, Mingun, Kalewa, Mawlaik, Pakhan-gyi, Pakkoku and eventually Bagan. The journey also passes through others popular places such as Pho Win Taung, Shweba Taung, Kanee. Kyidaw, and Mawlaik.

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The Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago is located in the country’s southern coast in the Tanintharyi Region. There are around 800 islands and islets, many of which are uninhabited by humans, scattered through the gleaming waters of the Andaman Sea and Indian Ocean. The Mergui Archipelago is becoming one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Myanmar.

If you are looking for the ultimate and luxury escape on the water, then this is the right place for you. The Mergui Archipelago is the world of fishermen and sea gypsies – nomadic Moken indigenous people who make a living by fishing in the sea and pearl business. Voyages in Mergui Archipelago will take you ashore for snorkelling and some time on a deserted beach. You can enjoy some scenic sailing at a secluded isle and enjoy watching fishing boats setting up their nets for the night. Toast the end of another idyllic day as the sky turns scarlet.

Unlink the Ayeyarwaddy river, the experience with Mergui Archipelago is very unique, away from the temples and tourists. The islands there are dazzling and isolated. This is an ultimate escape from modern-day life. A sailing to remote Mergui Archipelago, definitely one of the most amazing things to do in Myanmar, will offer you superbly luxurious and exotic travel experience.

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Best Time to take river cruises in Myanmar

The most important factors to consider for cruising in Myanmar is seasons and weather patterns. Myanmar has a tropical monsoon climate with three distinct seasons; cool, hot and rainy. The best seasons depends on your travel goals and what you would like to do and see during your Myanmar tour.

The cool season, starting from November to February, is the ideal season for an Ayeyarwaddy river cruise. The temperature is really nice to travel during the day with the relatively dry air. The cool season is known to be the most comfortable time to travel in Myanmar with the minimum level of humidity and the clearest weather conditions. But it is also the peak travel season, so low availability of bookings and higher prices for hotels, airfare and river cruises in Myanmar are expected.

The hot season, running from March to May, is still a great time to go on an Ayeyarwaddy cruise in Myanmar if you don’t mind hot and humid weather conditions. During the hot season, popular destinations will be less crowded, letting you find better deals with hotels, airfare and river cruises. You are very unlikely to experience much rain in both the cool and hot season.

The rainy or monsoon season, going from June to October, has the most intense rainfall. Heavy rainfall can be expected from June to August for long periods of time, and moderate or low rainfall during September and October. The increased rainfall and rising level of the river allow Chindwin cruise to take you to places that passengers rarely see – through the further north of the shallower river, remote tribal villages and ancient towns close to the Indian border. The ideal travel time for Chindwin river cruise is from July until September. Cruising undertaken during that time will take you to visit Mingun, Pakkoku, Pakhan-Gyi, Monywa, Kani and Kalewa.

Best Time to take cruises in Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Cruises of Mergui Archipelago do not operate during raining season from May until October because of strong onshore wind conditions and a larger swell. In case storms come during the rainy season, the region has many large islands which offer protected anchorages at any time of the year. Therefore, it is generally safe to do sailing with very few dangerous reefs or obstacles.

Quite the same as the rest of Myanmar, the ideal time to take cruises in Mergui Archipelago is from November until April. The most charming and convenient weather conditions can be experienced during December to February with warm and sunny weather, favourable winds and smooth seas. This travel period offers the ideal time for diving and snorkelling thanks to clearer waters.